Massage Therapy as a Good Medicine

Through All Stages of Life

Human touch, from the first touch of our mother, influences us through all our days.  As human beings, we are wired to respond to that touch, and to find the healing potential in it that helps us with whatever ills may trouble us.  Skilled massage therapists can use that innate knowledge to help us feel better physically and emotionally and heal faster.

Benefits Far-Reaching

Research into the benefits of massage therapy have resulted in evidence on the wide variety of benefits from massage when struggling with illness, recovering from surgery, or handling the myriad of changes associated with pregnancy.

Reduction of Pain without Side Effects

Massage has been incorporated into pain management in hospital settings, and continues to prove its benefits.

  • Cardiac Patients: Those postoperative cardiac surgical patients, in a 2010 study, that received 20-minute massages reported significant reduction in pain, anxiety and tension.[1]
  • Cancer Patients: Bone cancer patients who participated in a 2011 study also benefited from massage therapy[2]. Pain was reduced by statistically and clinically significant measures. Patients also experienced improvements in mood, relaxation and sleep quality.

Illness can affect the way a massage therapist massages a client, and so some therapists specialize in, for instance, massage for those undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer.

Muscle Relaxation and Lowered Blood Pressure

As you’re melting into the table, it will likely be no surprise to hear that massage also lowers blood pressure[3].  While you should always follow the advice of your doctor, massage therapy may be an enjoyable addition to manage your blood pressure.

Pregnancy & Infants

Pregnancy involves enormous physical and emotional stress on mothers, from changes in hormone levels to physical discomforts such as back and leg aches.  Massage therapy can help with issues such as prenatal[4] and postpartum depression[5], relaxation, muscle aches, and may contribute to higher birth weights.

Massage can be of help for your new little one as well.  For instance, it has been used in hospitals to help ameliorate neonatal jaundice[6], a common occurrence for newborns.

Massage therapy can be an important addition to your health regime.  Contact us to learn more.