Massage Therapy: A History of Healing

Our Instinct to Heal with Touch

On that rushed morning when you bang your knee against the corner of the desk, you still find time to stop and rub that sore spot.

That instinct to touch what hurts to make it feel better is deeply encoded into our DNA. This innate wisdom helps us return to a place of health and forms the basis of massage therapy.

Knead to Restore offers massage therapy service from skilled professionals who understand how to best approach your individual situation and goals.

Benefits Backed By Science

One of the oldest known methods to heal and maintain the body, massage therapy contributes to health and wellbeing.  The benefits of massage therapy continue to be verified by both the enthusiastic recommendations of contented clients and scientific study.

Massage therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain[1]
  • Ease recovery from illness and injury[2]
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression[3]
  • Boost immunity[4]
  • Control blood pressure[5]
  • Provide comfort

Simply put, massage therapy facilitates recovery and health. Massage may once have been viewed as a luxury, but now science is telling us what we already knew: massage therapy is an effective treatment that assists in health.  And health is no luxury.

Helping People from Diverse Fields

Massage therapy can be of help to:

  • gymnasts, dancers, marathon runners and other athletes;
  • pregnant women, disabled individuals, and people recovering from surgery and illness;
  • air traffic controllers, military service members and veterans, first responders and other people dealing with stress; and,
  • other people who value its positive impact on their health.

 From the Ancient World to Modern Day

Using massage as a healing modality is a practice that spans thousands of years. From the ancient Chinese text Conf-Fu of the Toa-Tse written in 3000 BC and Homer’s writing describing massage used on athletes before the Olympic Games, to current day medical journals, healing professionals have documented and lauded the benefits of massage.

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